How to publish

The editors of the journal accept original manuscripts of 3,000 to 10,000 words (6-20 pages), including graphic material, appendices, and references. Manuscripts should be submitted in MS Word or other formats that are compatible with this software.

In addition to original author manuscripts, the journal also publishes book reviews and information about scientific fora.

Language of the manuscript - English, Bulgarian, or French.

Each manuscript should contain:

  • An executive summary of up to 250 words (1/2 page) in the language of publication and in English
  • Up to 5 keywords and JEL codes
  • Information about the author (institution, department, academic degree and title, ORCID number, and author's e-mail address for correspondence).
  • Notes, if any.
  • Acknowledgments, if any.
  • Authors' contributions
  • Conflict of Interest and Authorship Confirmation Statement (Coi&Auth-en.doc
  • Each manuscript must be formatted according to the manuscript template ( ETJ-paper-model-En.docx).

Citation requirements

Citation in manuscripts must conform with the seventh edition of the Publication Manual (2020) of the American Psychological Association (APA). For specific instructions, please consult here.

The most commonly used citation cases are presented in the manuscript template.

When citing references in non-Latin characters, they should be transliterated into Latin characters. For convenience, the following online software products can be used:

The manuscript may be sent directly from here or to the editorial office e-mail - The author is advised to make a registration on the journal's website, which will be used for communication with him/her.


No publication or other fees are charged to authors. Authors do not receive fees or royalties.


Access policy and licensing of the content

All articles published on the journal website are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial 4.0 International Public License (CC BY-NC 4.0). The license allows for the combination and use of portions of content in other proprietary works for non-commercial purposes, and these do not have to be licensed under the same terms.

The terms of CC BY-NC 4.0 allow users to:

  • share content - copy and distribute the original material in different media and formats; 
  • adapt/modify content - to combine, change and create new content 
  • under the following conditions:
  • merit (of) - Any agreement using the "CC" symbol requires users to refer to the original document in the manner indicated without implying that the author endorses them or their work. If users do not wish to acknowledge or reflect in any way the contributions of the author and do not expect validation of their work, they must obtain written permission from the author;
  • non-commercial use, indicated by the symbol "NC" - The author permits the copying, downloading, distribution, display, use, and modification of his/her work for any non-commercial purpose.

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